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Why Short Sale?

Opting for a short sale over foreclosure is often more advantageous as it usually results in less damage to one’s credit score and allows for more control and dignity in the process. With a short sale, individuals may be eligible to purchase a new home in as little as 2 years, compared to the typical 7-year waiting period required after a foreclosure. This makes a short sale a more favorable option for those hoping to recover and re-enter the housing market more quickly.

Shorter Waiting Period for Future Home Purchase

Possibility of Relocation Assistance from $1,500 up to $10,000

Less Impact on your Credit Score

Reduced Debt Deficiency Risk

Short Sales Closed
Total Relocation Fees
Homes Saved
Years Of Experience

Short Sales & Dignified Pre-Foreclosure Solutions!

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Top Questions Revealed

A New Jersey short sale occurs when a homeowner sells their property for less than the remaining mortgage balance, allowing both the lender and the homeowner to mitigate potential losses and avoid foreclosure.

Qualification depends on factors such as financial hardship, owing more on your mortgage than your home is worth, and the lender’s policies. Consulting with a short sale specialist can help assess your eligibility.

Undergoing a short sale in New Jersey can impact your credit score, usually less severely than a foreclosure would. The exact effect varies based on individual credit histories and other financial factors.

The New Jersey short sale process involves contacting your lender, obtaining short sale approval, listing the property, accepting an offer, and securing final approval from the lender. This process can be lengthy, and consulting a knowledgeable New Jersey short sale agent can be beneficial.

Generally, New Jersey homeowners can remain in their homes during the short sale process until the sale concludes. Specific circumstances and agreements can alter this general practice.

Certain programs and lenders may offer relocation assistance or incentives during a New Jersey short sale. It’s vital to discuss availability and eligibility with your lender or short sale agent.

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