A Short Sale Offers Several Benefits

Credit Impact

A short sale typically has a lesser impact on a homeowner’s credit score compared to a foreclosure. While both will decrease your score, a foreclosure can have a more prolonged and deeper effect.

Avoid Foreclosure

It provides an alternative to foreclosure, which can be a traumatic experience involving eviction.

Control over the Sale

Homeowners have more control over the sale process, allowing them to set terms and conditions and be more actively involved.


Potential for Relocation Assistance

Some lenders offer financial incentives or assistance to help homeowners relocate after a short sale.

Reduced Financial Strain

Homeowners can get relief from mortgage debt they can’t afford.

Faster Financial Recovery

Allows homeowners to start rebuilding their financial stability sooner than after a foreclosure.


A short sale can be more private than a foreclosure, as there isn’t a public auction of the property.

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Elimination of Mortgage Debt

If negotiated correctly, homeowners can walk away without owing the deficiency (the difference between the sale price and the mortgage owed).

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